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How to Tell If Your Faulty Appliances Are Hazardous


Everyone likes to tinker a little with their appliances, but how can you tell whether an appliance is actually dangerous? Though some things can be DIYed, you should also look out for signs that you could be in over your head. Here are some dangers related to faulty appliances that you should be aware of.

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How to Clean Your Refrigerator Condenser


Aside from routine cleaning, home refrigerators require almost no maintenance. However, there is one beneficial activity that refrigerator owners should perform periodically. The condenser component at the bottom or the back of the refrigerator needs to be cleaned on an annual basis.

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Repair And Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Dishwasher Running Like New


A dishwasher is a nice appliance to have if you aren't a big fan of doing dishes by hand. It helps free up time after meals to do other things around your home, or to spend time with the ones you love, rather than standing at the kitchen sink for hours at a time getting dish pan hands. A dishwasher doesn't just clean the dishes, it can sanitize your dishes as well, which can keep your family healthy. See below for some maintenance and repair tips for your dishwasher to keep it running like new.

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